I had spent 25 years in various industry sectors (automotive, insurance, investment,

finance, energy, telecommunications (fixed and mobile) in many different roles. Essentially,

I could apply myself to anything and be successful and then on 8th March 2008 I

underwent a significant transformation as my psychic abilities were awakened.

Since then, I have gone on to explore my psychic ability and spirituality in greater depths, furthering the range of my own spiritual abilities whilst also assisting others to achieve their own greater sense of self awareness and as a result, transform their lives.

Having worked extensively in the business world and developing my abilities to a high

level and always applying professionalism with any of the work I undertook, I now bring together a unique blend of business acumen and my spiritual based abilities to offer my clients valuable insights into their own business affairs. My abilities have enabled me to help my clients position themselves more favourably in a number of business scenarios, ranging from insights and guidance in litigation to the structuring of complex deals.

My skills in the business area cover senior management, product management, bid development, marketing, advertising, promotions, business development, property development, engineering, executive training and counselling. I have studied an extensive array of spiritual modalities and mainly undertaken studies at the London College of Psychic Studies in addition to being a certified Reiki Healer, 

Originally from New Zealand, I have spent the past 15 years living in the United Kingdom with eight years in London. In addition to the business clients, I have supported, I have a

range of businesses, professionals and individuals.